My lap-dancing experience in Essex!

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I have been to a few lap dancing clubs before and thought it would be good to share some of my experiences. They may not be the most exciting but they were fun while I was there that’s for sure!

First time i visited a strip club was on my cousins stag do in Colchester, Essex. It was a place called CLIMAX. This was after he had 2 strippers at his flat. I remember being amazed at the women walking around in skimpy outfits and evening dresses (which pretty much all were see through). One blonde in particular was super fit…not too tall and a skimpy white outfit which looked like a swimming outfit from a porn movie, that barely covered her massive tits.

The club had a nice atmosphere…’classier’ than other clubs I’ve been too. It was a great place to pop my lap-dancing cherry. I remember my first was with a brunette who had an ok body. 2nd was later in the night after a fair few drinks and hours of horny-ness checking out the girls on stage and walking around. Brown haired girl in a blue bra and panties set. She danced for me amazingly. Very sexy lying across my front sometimes… straddling me. Nice real tits, great size too… must’ve been 32d. Kept running my hand over her legs which were sexy and smooth and she would breathe into my ear which was sexy. She ended up making me finish in my pants to which I had to cut the dance short and head to the bathroom to sort myself out. Lol.

This experience got me kinda intrigued by lapdancing clubs and i ended up visiting a few times by myself over the next year or so….spending a lot of money. Some dances stick out in memory more than others…not all coz they were amazing dances…they just stick in my head for some reason:

– Blonde girl (cant remember her stage name..know her real name but wont share that on here)…very cute and innocent looking…cute voice too (she knew how to play the cute card well) and gave a good private dance. Great body…real tits…nice size probably round 32c

– European blonde girl called ‘Angel‘…very petite…smallish tits but great ass and figure. Had 2 or 3 dances with her and later in the VIP which was just more dances on a longer sofa.

– Brown/blonde haired girl…must been approaching 30s at the time…little curvier in places but not fat at all. Big fake tits and boy did she know how to dance. Looked like she was enjoying it…am sure it was part good acting too. hehe. Had a fair few dances with her…even went out the club to the cash point to get some more at one point. i said to her she can unzip and get it out…to which she replied she couldn’t. lol. She worked real hard to the point that she was sweating… although when she had finished I did have a load of fake tan on the crotch area of the jeans. lol. Also had her and her scottish brunette friend dance for me together…who I have later had in the VIP room on a different occasion too. She had huge fake tits too…over 30 as well and looked hot.

– Tall-ish girl with brown hair and an amazing round ass and great legs… she looked amazing

– European woman who said she was 28 but looked older (not a bad thing…i like older women and she was super hot). Remember her catching me look at her on the floor and came over…stood next to me… didn’t say anything and just stretched her legs out in front of me. Was enough for me to start a convo. lol. Ended up in VIP with her and a bottle of champagne. Nice body…not huge tits but good looking. She gave a really good dance. Regularly bounced on my lap up and down roughly..

Sorry if the above was a long boring read for a lot of you…i just thought it would be nice to share my experiences. If I think of any more that I may have forgotten…or experience any more amazing experience will def post them up.

It was some of the best sex I’ve ever had!


The best sex I have ever had was with a stripper from Essex. I met her at the club where she danced. I was able to chat her up at the bar and buy her a drink because the club was not busy yet. She was a 22 yr old uni student with a perfect body. She was petite with perfect tits and a perfect arse with brown hair and green eyes. I didn’t have any dances with her. I spent about one hour just talking to her and we hit it off… I could tell by the looks that she was giving me that she was into me. I am good looking, tall and athletic, 38 yrs old and attached! I had to leave but she gave me her number and the next thing I knew we were whatsapp’ing for about 2 weeks. We kept saying to each other how we were going to meet up for a drink but we never did. Instead she invited me to her house one afternoon! It was about 5pm before she had to go to work, so I stopped over. She had no furniture at her place.. except a bed! so that’s where we hung out. I started kissing her and sucking on her beautiful nipples. I used my fingers to gently rub her pussy moving hard and hard getting her wet. Before I knew it my cock was out of my pants and in her hand….she did not suck my cock…she asked if I had a condom and of course I said yes – magnums. I let her put the condom on… she got on all 4’s facing a huge mirror and I started pounding her from behind until she came. I made her get down on her elbow and I pounded that fanny some more till I came hard. I used her bathroom to clean myself off, told her how hot she was and I left…..never really spoke to her again. oh, I did send her one text on my way home… I texted her: WOW.

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