I had sex with a stripper

i fucked a stripper

It had been ages since i had gone to a strip club, i used to go to them a lot when I was younger. I was in Essex and was having a rough day so decided to stop into a place where there’d be little chance of me being reconginsed as i hadn’t been there for a long time. Things had changed in this club, it was abit dirtier then i had remembered but the girls were cute and the beer was cold.

I should mention that I have a professional job where i have to put up a good appearence so am always dressed for business, which in a strip club gets me alot of attention.
Well this cutie spends quite a long time with me says her names Amber, we drink and chat for a bit. She says she has to go on stage in awhile and asks if she can give me some dances first, she said she don’t want to miss out on opportunity to dance for a cute guy….
well how can i argue! So she takes me past the bouncer in the vip, and picks a seat where my back is to him behind a half wall, she dances the first song rubbing all her naughty bits on me, at one point has me lick her nipples, i “accidentally” rub her pussy (testing the waters), she doesn’t complain, so by 2nd song i’m groping her pussy and sucking her tits she then says “i’m so wet”, i say can i taste, she looks around, climbs up on the chair, and plants her pussy on my mouth, i only give it a quick flick of the tongue(i mean she is a stripper after all)….she slides back down me, when 3 song starts she has released my cock, she gives me a couple of deep pushes down her throat, and says i want to feel you…(fyi i’m not huge but i am big) she then took several attempts to get me to enter her, finally i slide into her wet pussy to this day was one of tightest i ever had…..
she proceeded to ride me grinding me deep into her….i told her i’d be cumming soon, she got spooked and said don’t cum in me….
I said omg what can i do then i need to cum you have me so hot, i’m so close, she then kissed me as she rode me harder….
i moaned into her mouth, i’m cumin, she moaned back…”then fill me”….
I flooded her pussy with cum….we slowly recovered, thats when they called her name to be next, she never even got a chance to change or clean up, she went on stage, with my cum dripping from her, she did a good job hiding it but i noticed…
afterward she came back down, i asked her what i owed for the dances…$60, 20 per song…i was expecting abit extra, so i tipped and payed a total of a $100…. it was such a hot experience…..
was not first or last time i’d have sex with strippers……but was very memorable one.

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