It was some of the best sex I’ve ever had!


The best sex I have ever had was with a stripper from Essex. I met her at the club where she danced. I was able to chat her up at the bar and buy her a drink because the club was not busy yet. She was a 22 yr old uni student with a perfect body. She was petite with perfect tits and a perfect arse with brown hair and green eyes. I didn’t have any dances with her. I spent about one hour just talking to her and we hit it off… I could tell by the looks that she was giving me that she was into me. I am good looking, tall and athletic, 38 yrs old and attached! I had to leave but she gave me her number and the next thing I knew we were whatsapp’ing for about 2 weeks. We kept saying to each other how we were going to meet up for a drink but we never did. Instead she invited me to her house one afternoon! It was about 5pm before she had to go to work, so I stopped over. She had no furniture at her place.. except a bed! so that’s where we hung out. I started kissing her and sucking on her beautiful nipples. I used my fingers to gently rub her pussy moving hard and hard getting her wet. Before I knew it my cock was out of my pants and in her hand….she did not suck my cock…she asked if I had a condom and of course I said yes – magnums. I let her put the condom on… she got on all 4’s facing a huge mirror and I started pounding her from behind until she came. I made her get down on her elbow and I pounded that fanny some more till I came hard. I used her bathroom to clean myself off, told her how hot she was and I left…..never really spoke to her again. oh, I did send her one text on my way home… I texted her: WOW.

Essex Strippers

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